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Wmf Classic Line Knife Block 7-Piece Classic Line


SKU: WMF 1874706030

Whether amateur or professional chef, whether vegetarian or meat lovers, whether much or little space in the kitchen: A knife block is the best and safest storage for high-quality household knives.
The knives are always at hand and the sharp blades are spared.
The knife block comes with vegetable, steak, meat, preparation and bread knife.
Finally, different blades are recommended to process all foods ideal.
The perfect addition to the set, a sharpening steel that must not be missing in any kitchen.
Because applied correctly and regularly, it significantly extends the life of your knives.
Unlike knife sharpeners, sharpening steels are mainly used for slightly blunt knives.

  • Made in Germany
  • Blades made from high grade hardened special blade steel
  • Riveted handles made from high grade black plastic
  • Ergonomically shaped handles and well balanced
  • Presicely ground and checked by laser technology to ensure superb sharpness
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