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Ade Smart Wireless Weather Station WS 1601 Forecasts for 1 day


  • Barometric Weather Forecast, animated (sun, clouds, rain).
  • Frost display
  • Radio-controlled clock (DCF time signal) with alarm and snooze function

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wireless weather station with outdoor sensor

The weather in the view
No matter whether sunny, slightly cloudy, cloudy or rain – a quick glance at the large LED color display of the radio weather station is enough, and you are on the current and future weather situation. The weather forecast results from the measured air pressure changes. It refers to the area around the weather station with a radius of about 30 to 50 km for a period of the next 12 to 24 hours.

The built-in thermometer the weather station shows precisely and reliably the temperature for indoor and outdoor (outdoor thermometer). By the memory function, you can also the respective minimum and maximum values of the last 24 hours. The measuring range is between – 25 degrees celsius and 50 degrees Celsius. The values can also be displayed in degrees Fahrenheit (°F).

With a hygrometer, you have the humidity at a glance. Also here, the values for the indoor and for the outdoor area. The minimum and maximum values of the last 24 hours are stored and displayed on request. Especially for a healthy and secure room-climate is the optimal humidity important, because you can prevent this by regularly ventilate mold formation.

Charging function
The weather station has a USB port (5V/1A) at the rear. Thus, you can, for example, your Smartphone (no matter whether Android or iPhone/iPad) conveniently charge. This feature is available only if the weather station is operated with the power supply.

Battery and netzte il
The base station is running with either a power supply adapter or with batteries (2 x 1.5 V AA). Both are included. During battery operation the display lighting is switched off to save power. With the snooze button you can activate the lighting but for a short period of time.

Through the integrated radio clock (DCF time signal) is always tells the precise time is displayed. The Change to winter or summer time is also done automatically.

Alarm clock function
With the built-in alarm clock (of course with snooze or snooze function), the weather station is also the ideal companion on your bedside table.

  • Barometric weather forecast, animated: sun, clouds, rain
  • Indoor and outdoor temperature indicator (°C and °F)
  • Indoor and outdoor hygrometer (20 – 95 %)
  • Memory function for temperature and humidity
  • Frost indicator
  • Radio clock (DCF time signal) with alarm and snooze function
  • Perpetual calendar with date and day indicator in 7 languages (DE, EN, FR, ES, IT, DU, DA)
  • Charging function for smartphones, USB connection 5V/1A
  • Large, high-contrast LED colour display with two brightness levels
  • Coupling of up to 3 outdoor sensors
  • Transmission range of up to 60 m in an open area
  • Base station as desktop model with battery and mains operation
  • Outdoor sensor with battery operation, for hanging or placing
  • Scope of delivery: 1 base station, 1 outdoor sensor, batteries and mains adaptor


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