Bison moisture eater 450 grams


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The Bison moisture eater is the ideal device to combat condensation, moisture and musty odors in the boat, camper, caravan, garden house, cellar etc. without power consumption.

The Moisture Eater from Bison costs no energy, is easy to place on a flat surface and is refillable.

With the moisture eater you reduce too high a relative humidity in almost all rooms where there is no or insufficient ventilation.

The Bison Airmax Moisture Eater works for 2 to 3 months on 1 filling, depending on the humidity in the room.

The 450gram Vochtvreter is suitable for a space of approximately 45 m³.

This moisture eater can be filled with all Bison moisture eater refills.

Refreshes the air.

Protects your valuables against moisture.

Clean and safe system.


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