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Brita Refill 3 Filter Cartridges Classic


  • Enhanced 4-step filtration process
  • Improved lime scale reduction compared to Classic Cartridges
  • Fits new range of Elemaris, Marella & Fjord Cool & XL systems & Brita Partner kettles
  • Convenient ring-pull handle
  • No pre-soaking required
  • Dimensions: 18cm x 14cm x 6cm

Out of stock

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Refill pack with 3 water filter cartridges Classic.
The Classic filter cartridges reduce limescale and impurities that impair taste such as chlorine. Even metals such as lead or copper that sometimes occur in domestic plumbing are filtered out. For great tasting water that enables aromatic coffee and tea. It?s also good for your domestic appliances, as they are effectively protected against the build-up of limescale.


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