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Continenta Chopping Block in Acacia 40x30x6cm


  • Product Has Dark Hardwood Of Especially Old Acacia From Sustainable Cultivation
  • It Can Be Used On Both Sides
  • Product Has Practical Recessed Grip With Massive Processing
  • It Is A Pure Wood Natural Product
  • Made In Germany

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Solid wooden chopping block crafted from durable core acacia wood.

Can be used on both sides and has integral grips for easy lifting.

Eyecatcher on the kitchen worktop with its warm dark woodgrain.

The oil finish gives the surface a very natural wooden look and makes it easy to clean.
The wooden kitchen accessories by Continenta crafted in acacia are extremely durable.

Wood from the core of the acacia tree is very hard and resistant. The products receive a food-safe oil finish, that protects and enhances the antibacterial function of the wood.

Continenta only processes wood from sustainably managed forests.
Wood is a natural product and shows the ability to halt the growth of bacteria and kill bacteria applied to its surface.

After each use, scrub the surface with hot water, dry immediately with a towel and allow to air dry standing up.

Washing with soap is only necessary after cutting vegetables with a strong smell like garlic or onion, raw fish, meat or poultry.

Regularly applying a small amount of mineral oil with a damp cloth, will saturate the wood fibers and stop any other liquids from soaking into the board.

If your board has stains or smells, sprinkle coarse salt over the surface of the board, rub with a sliced lemon and leave for 15 min.

Rinse and dry thoroughly. Never submerge a wooden board in water. The wood will absorb the water and potentially warp.


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