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Duralex 6 Tumblers in Tempered Glass Picardie Marine 31cl


  • Tempered glass is 2,5 times stronger than normal glass products
  • Resisting thermal shocks of 130?C
  • Dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe
  • Made in France

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First launched in 1954, this iconic design with its easily identifiable curved shape, has become a true timeless classic. The original French tumbler that still confidently graces tables worldwide. In transparent version, Picardie is available in 9 different sizes.
Mass coloured glass.
Dimensions : ? 9 x 9,4 cm
Since 1945, Duralex has pioneered tempered glass technology, for which it is still renowned today. This specific treatment, which consists in sudden cooling of the material previously heated to a temperature of about 700?C, improves the physical qualities of glass products, making them thermal shock resistant and 2,5 times stronger than normal glass products. Although virtually unbreakable, if Duralex tempered glass does break, it bursts into a multitude of blunt fragments, without risk of injury. Manufactured in hygienic non-porous glass, Duralex glass products are dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe. From raw material to packaging, everything is 100 % produced and made in France. Today more than ever, Duralex embodies safe and affordable everyday glassware.


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