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Durobor 6 Appetizer or Shot Glasses Disco Small 5cl


  • Quality of Durobor from Belgium
  • height: 6.7 cm diameter: 45 mm
  • Maximum capacity content: 5 cl
  • material: glass, dishwasher safe
  • Package of: 6

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Versatile glasses for serving all kinds of small appetizers or desserts, featuring the instantly recognisable thick base with a single large bubble floating in the centre.
Durobor is producing durable glasses with increased resistance for an intensive professional use. A burn off system is used for cutting the upper rim, which increases its resistance and substantially reduces the risk of chipping at the edge. Hence the origin of the brand name, Dur-O-Bord, and the company?s solid position as one of the main suppliers to the beverage industry. Another distinctive feature of the Durobor brand, is the bubble in the heavy base, first launched in 1975, and still today a typical characteristic of the company?s glass collection. Established in 1928, Durobor was the first company to introduce the automated process of manufacturing drinking glasses in Europe. Durobor only processes lead-free soda-lime glass. Glass products have a very good mechanical and thermal shock resistance and are dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe. Production is still 100 % made in Belgium.


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