Hagerty 5* Shampoo Carpet Cleaner for 30m2


  • Deep cleans buried dirt, dust and grime.
  • Minimizes the risks critical forum of allergies by encapsulating mites and destroying their allergens.
  • Removes stains.
  • Removes odors.
  • Rejuvenates fibres and colours.

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Hagerty 5* Shampoo Carpet Cleaner for 30m2

Cleans and takes care of rugs, carpets and washable upholstery. It allows to maintain and to remove grease stains without damaging the fabrics.

Meant to be used with a spray-extraction machine like Hagerty BLUE H.

The shampoo washes in depth the fabrics.

5* Shampoo Concentrate cleans dust and dirt, removes smears and smells and rekindles the fibers and the cushions’, the mattress’s, the rugs’, the armchairs’ colors. It purifies and deodorizes long-term.

The care acts rapidly, is efficient and protects the fabrics.

The shampoo dusts and minimizes the risks of allergy while caging away moths and destroying their allergens. The care has efficient effects and does not cause any marks on the washable upholstery, the rugs or the carpets. The fabrics are cleaned and protected again against the acarids.


  • Dilute in water. For 25ml, use 4L of warm water.
  • Follow the directives on the machine.
  • Clean the carpet or the upholstery with the machine.


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