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Hyoola 12 Pack Tall Taper Candles – 30 cm Black Dripless, Unscented Dinner Candle – Paraffin Wax with Cotton Wicks – 10 Hour Burn Time


  • SET THE MOOD: These tall tapered candles feature an elegant design that is suitable for restaurants, special events and parties. Their classic look complements almost any decor.
  • CRAFTED WITH QUALITY: Imported from Europe and made with 100% paraffin wax and pure cotton wicks, these high quality candles burn cleanly and do not drip or create a mess.
  • A ROMANTIC TOUCH: Spice up the romance with a candlelit dinner with your loved one. With a universal fit, they fit most

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Need some natural candlelight to illuminate your surroundings for a special occasion? Look no further than these tall taper candles by Hyoola. They exude a warm glow and a long-lasting flame.

Our tapered design is narrower on top and wider towards the base for candles with an elegant look that fit in most standard-sized candle holders. Made of 100% high-quality paraffin wax, our candles are over-dipped, or dipped in layers, for a beautiful smooth finish. Our 100% cotton wick ensures a long-lasting, even burn. Available in three sizes for up to 8, 10, and 12 hours of use.


100% Paraffin Wax Candles
100% Cotton Wicks
Over Dipped for Smooth Finish
Made in EU

Perfect for Restaurants or catered events.

3 Sizes:

– 25 cm – 8 Burn Time
– 30 cm – 10 Hour Burn Time
– 35 cm – 12 Hour Burn Time

Available Colors: White, Ivory, Cream, Dark Grey, Woolwhite, Antique Rose, Taupe, Celery Green, Burgundy, Sahara, Turquoise, Terra Orange, Midnight Blue, Fuchsia, Lime, Black, Gold-Painted, Silver-Painted, Coppe-Painted


Hyoola’s 12-piece candle boxes equip you for any occasion, whether it be a wedding or celebration, religious observance, and more. The clean white or ivory of these candles, in combination with their elegant tapered shape, makes them perfect for church prayers, Sabbath kindling lights, and other religious rituals as well.

Hyoola are importers of the highest quality Chanukah and specialty candles since 1940.

Why Are My Taper Candles Dripping?

The candle might not be completely vertical. If your candle isn’t sitting straight, it will burn unevenly, which can lead to wax running far down the candle before it hardens.
There could be a draft, air conditioning, fans, outdoors, window draft, as well as a slight breeze, can also cause the candle to burn unevenly and lead to dripping.


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