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Leifheit 41437 Classic dustpan and can
The hand brush has broom hairs with split ends. That gives a sublime sweeping result. Fine dust particles are also neatly taken away by the special broom hairs. No more difficult and long sweeping! With the Leifheit dustpan and can your floor will be clean again in no time. The can has an extra-long rubber strip that adapts to the surface. That makes sweeping up dirt extra easy. Even the finest dust ends up on the can. In addition, the can of this Classic sweeper set has a scraper edge to clean the sweeper. You can easily and efficiently clean the hand brush without the need for other aids. The comfortable handle of the hand sweeper fits securely in the hand. Finished sweeping? Then you hang the Classic manual sweeper set space-saving on the handy suspension eye, within reach for the next sweeping. This special set of dustpan and can has even more to offer: the design is also beautiful and special. It is a limited edition, the ’60 Years Edition’ on the occasion of 60 years of Leifheit, completely on trend in the colors gray lagoon, gray pink and gray blue.
Optimal sweeping result thanks to the split broom hairs, which also sweep up the finest dust
The extra-long rubber strip on the can adapts to the surface and makes sweeping easier
With the scraper edge on the can you can easily clean the hand brush without additional tools
Practical suspension eye for space-saving storage
Limited edition in the color combinations gray lagoon, gray pink and gray blue
You cannot choose but receive a random color

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