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Luigi Bormioli 6 Champagne Flutes Super 20 cl


  • Scientifically designed champagne glass by Luigi Bormioli
  • Material: SON.hyx lead free crystal glass
  • Scientically engineered for enhancing specific varieties of wine
  • Ideal for serving prosecco, sparkling wine or champagne
  • Ideal for more pleasurable tasting

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Champagne flute with a long stem and nicely shaped bowl from the Super collection by Luigi Bormioli.

The bottom of the flute is laser etched for a continuous flow of bubbles.

The stems of the glasses are strengthened with a patented anti-abrasion treatment that reinforces the glass surface of the stems with titanium, thus offering a permanent protection against abrasion and diminishing substantially the fragility of the stem during daily usage.

Super is produced from ultra-clear SON.hyx glass.

The glass has an excellent transparency and brilliance, combined with a good mechanical strength and ability to withstand industrial washing cycles.

It does not contain any lead or other heavy metals.

Luigi Bormioli is an Italian manufacturer of extra-clear high quality crystal glass for tableware, with large production facilities in Northern Italy.

Technological know-how and manufacturing skills acquired over generations of glassmaking activity, allow Luigi Bormioli to constantly innovate their product range and offer new solutions to the market.


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