Marcato Atlas Pasta Drying Frame Rack Tacapasta Steel and Polycarbonate Collapsible Red-B


  • It allows you to dry up to 2 kg (4 lbs) of pasta at a time
  • 16 arms to carry different types of long pasta
  • Made in Italy: product entirely made in Italy by Marcato
  • Opens and closes quickly like a fan, Foldable for easy storage
  • Structure made of chrome-plated steel and food-grade polycarbonate

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Tacapasta is the essential accessory for drying the pasta before cooking it!

It accommodates up to 2 kg of pasta in a small space to dry perfectly and evenly.

After preparing the dough and cutting it into the preferred pasta shape, all you need is the accessory to roll it out and let it dry before cooking: Tacapasta.

You can combine your tastes and style requirements, choosing from 4 beautiful colours.

Marcato Tacapasta is a practical accessory for drying fresh pasta at home, in a small space.

Thanks to 16 collapsible arms, it can carry up to 2 kg of long pasta to dry perfectly and evenly, preventing pasta from sticking.

Tacapasta ensures proper preservation of dried homemade pasta, promoting the release of a high percentage of water. The structure is made of sturdy chrome-plated steel, while the arms are made of food-grade polycarbonate.

A practical multipurpose wand, inserted in the middle column, allows you to cut and collect the fresh pasta, laying it easily on the Tacapasta.

With fan-like opening and a fast-closing mechanism, Tacapasta takes up very little space. Whether your kitchen is large or small, Tacapasta can be easily and neatly stored on any shelf.

Marcato Lifestyle

The kitchen is the family meeting space where everyone hangs out after a day at work, where the whole family reunites around a table. The kitchen should be a relaxing, family-friendly place.

Ever since 1930 we have passionately created products to make people happy!

The culture of healthy eating is the first step toward wellness: starting with pasta, made with simple and genuine ingredients, a symbol of the Mediterranean diet. All Marcato products are designed for those who love things done perfectly and for those who have rediscovered the pleasure of eating well and safely.

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