Marcato Classic Ravioli Maker Stamp Heart Shape 5 cm


  • The body of the stamp is made of die cast aluminium
  • The handles of the stamps are made of solid wood
  • Distinctive colouring is aesthetically unique and matched to any kitchens design.
  • Durable and easy to clean

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Have fun preparing all the dishes that stem from your imagination.

Choose between 12 shapes to give free rein to your creativity in the kitchen and create a number of different dishes such as raviolicookies and appetizers.


The body of the stamps is made of die cast aluminium, a solid food-grade material which guarantee a clean cut of the pasta sheet. 

Wood: The handles of the stamps are made of solid wood. The wood has been chosen because it is harder and more compact compared with other types present on the market. This decision has been made to ensure product durability in time.
Moreover, its distinctive colouring makes the item aesthetically unique and matched to any kitchens design.

Shapes: Heart 50mm – 80mm

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