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Solute milk system cleaner 1000ml


  • Specifically developed for use with the milk systems of espresso and coffee equipment
  • Breaks down milk protein to effectively remove milk residue
  • Easily cleans automatic milk fats, traditional steam wands and milk containers

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Solute milk system cleaner 1000ml

Solute™ milk system cleaner has been developed for the thorough cleaning of the milk systems of all fully automatic coffee machines, steam pipes, milk tanks, frothing devices, hoses and extensions. Solute milk system cleaner sanitizes and removes milk residues. The milk cleaner can be used cold or warm.

Milk is composed of water, fats, proteins, lactose and salts. In milk there are protein particles that can easily retain bacteria. If milk stains remain in your coffee machine, it will result in a reduced taste and consistency in your milk froth. By regularly cleaning your milk system, you can make the perfect cappuccino, latte macchiato or café latte time and time again.

The milk system cleaner is suitable for use in all makes and models of coffee machine.

It quickly and simply removes all milk fats thus preventing any milk stains in your coffee machine.

Reguarly cleaning of the whole milk system will prevent any mould.

Safe and easy to use, our milk system cleaner will provide a clean and hygienic result every time.

Solute™ represents top quality cleaning and maintenance products for premium segment coffee machines. Fully tested by various European inspection bodies, all Solute products comply with stringent quality requirements. Quality, trust and customer satisfaction take top priority at Solute.


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