Tyroler Rubber Broom Lightweight 40 Cm, 100% Natural Rubber, Long 4 Parts Handle 140 Cm


  • Durable and Fully Washable rubber broom
  • 100% natural rubber broom that is suitable for cleaning any delicate surface in or outside
  • Lightweight broom with slanted side bristles produced from high quality organic rubber
  • High Quality Lightweight Long 4 Part Handle 140cm

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The #1 tool for hair salons, pet grooms, professional cleaners and housekeepers.


Doesn’t Get Easier!

Does the thought of cleaning make you want to pull out your hair and scream your lungs out?

Please, don’t mess up that hairdo; our silicone broom has managed to completely take the chore out of cleaning! With an adjustable joint that allows you to reach underneath furniture, slanted bristles to perfectly clean along walls and even an integrated squeegee to dry up any spills, cleaning is now guaranteed to be a Total walk in the park!

High-quality silicone broom with slanted side bristles:

Revolutionary bristles manufactured from a single cast of high quality silicone , this premium Silicone Broom has a collection of uniquely designed bristles which provides amazing cleaning and dirt removal benefits.

The slanted side bristles design makes the broom perfect for cleaning along walls and furniture.

The texture of the bristles helps to build static charge which makes it easier for the bristles to suck up dust, pet fur, human hair and other low weight dirt from all solid surfaces, easily and conveniently.

This will become a pet-owners best friend

More than just for hard flooring, the rubber broom acts as a carpet rake for sweeping area rugs, runners, carpeted stairs and more. The silicone design interlocks its bristles to form a solid wall that even tiny pieces of dirt can’t slip through. It not only picks up loose dirt, it is able to pull amazing amounts of hair and fur that the vacuum cleaner leaves behind like pet hair, human hair, sewing threads and so on. By using short strokes, you build up a static charge that not only lifts dirt and hair out of the carpet, but it keeps it from flying through the air as well.

This broom has an extremely lightweight build which makes it easy to hold and much easier to use for prolonged cleaning sessions. Unlike other brooms, this high-quality broom features a unique design, which includes an extra-long handle with rubber bristles that can be used to remove hair, lint, dust, and dirt from clothing, upholstery, and carpets. Its long handle also allows users to conveniently clean ceilings, roofs and other hard-to-reach areas conveniently.

CARPET PET HAIR REMOVER: The bristles have advanced cleaning technology that works to lift dust, dirt lint and hair. Use it to quickly remove pet hair from high traffic areas and where your dog or cat like to sleep.

MULTI-PURPOSE SQUEEGEE: Finish you cleaning session by using the squeegee tool for moving water Toward a drain or off your deck for a no-mess solution to cutting dirt and grime in and around your home. Squeegee can be used for windows, showers, car windshield and more.

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