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Vacu Vin Twister Corkscrew with Bottle Grip (in Box) – Black


  • Patented “Bottle Grip”
  • Twist the spiral until the cork is extracted
  • Fits all wine bottles

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Corkscrew with a unique bottle grip that allows an excellent grip on all types of wine bottles.

You simply twist the spiral until the cork is extracted.

Vacu Vin have established a reputation as a manufacturer of high-quality barware appliances during the last 25 years.

The company’s product portfolio includes the award-winning Vacuum Wine Saver Pumps, Vacuum Bottle Stoppers and Rapid Ice Wine Coolers, all of which are used on a regular basis in millions of households worldwide.

The Vacu Vin Twister Corkscrew Gift Pack is an ideal solution to the age-old problem of removing corks from wine bottles.

The lower half of the mechanism slides effortlessly over the top of the wine bottle and is held in position by rubber grips. The sharp spiral corkscrew is inserted directly into the cork, before being twisted and pulled upwards to separate it from the bottle.

The metal screw is constructed from non-stick material that is easily cleaned via gentle wiping; the body of the corkscrew is dishwasher safe. 


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