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De Buyer Mineral B Element Pro Iron Grill Pan With Beeswax Naturally Non-Stick 26Cm


SKU: De Buyer 870322

Mineral B Element pan: iron is a 100% natural mineral materialAnti-oxidation protectionFavoured seasoningImproved non-stick qualitiesOrganic beeswax-based protective finishGuaranteed without any coating (PFOA and PTFE free guaranteed)No chemicals added - Environment safe productionEcological, recyclable, and good for the environment Health : Iron molecules from the pan contribute to good healthAllows for high heat which seals quickly keeping vitamins and nutrients in foodCooking qualities : High temperature, perfect for sealing, browning and grillingSeasoning : the more the pan is used, the better the performanceThe darker it becomes the better it is for natural non-stick propertiesWarranty : 90 daysLength: 4.9 cmThickness: 2 cmMaterial: Sheet ironTips for Preventing RustNever soak the pan: Since cast iron is so vulnerable to rust, it’s best to limit your pan’s exposure to water as much as possible.Don’t let the pan air dry: Wipe off any excess water with a towel immediately after rinsing.
To get your skillet bone dry, pop it on the burner to remove extra moistureLightly oil after use: Once dried, rub your skillet with a thin layer of vegetable oil before storingSeasoning: Drop a tablespoon of vegetable oil on the pan/utensil and spread it around with your fingers or a paper towel.
(Take care not to burn yourself on a warm skillet!).
Oil the outside and the handle, too.
Next, take a folded napkin and wipe off the excess oil.
You’ll want the skillet to be lightly greased.
Set your oven to 350 degrees and put some aluminum foil on the bottom rack.
Then pop the skillet in, upside down, on the upper rack for about 1 hour.
Turn the oven off and leave the pan inside until it’s cool.
The oil will bake into the pores of the pan, providing a non-stick finish

  • Mineral B Element pan: iron is a 100% natural mineral material
  • Anti-oxidation protection
  • Favoured seasoning
  • Improved non-stick qualities
  • Organic beeswax-based protective finish
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