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Duralex Picardie transparant 6 Beker glazen 31 cl


SKU: Duralex 1028AB06A0111



Product Description Duralex Picardie Glasses are a timeless star! Its unique shape and sensual curves that fit perfectly in the hand.
Its incredible success from the day of its launch in 1954 immediately gave it an iconic status;The tempering process is what makes Duralex so tough.
Glass that has been heated to around 700?C is suddenly cooled by cold air ventilation.
This treatment creates controlled stress in the glass which improves most of its physical qualities: resistance to mechanical stress (bending, impacts) and thermal shock.
Duralex glass is 2.5 times more resistant than an annealed glass product and resists to a thermal shock of 130?C.
It is the same tempered glass used to make windscreens which, in the even of an impact of accident, shatter into thousands of non-cutting pieces Box Contains 6 x Duralex Clear Glass Tumblers

  • Set of 6 Glass Water Tumblers from Duralex
  • Crafted from tempered glass for exceptional resistance to extreme changes in temperature. Microwave, Freezer & Dishwasher Safe
  • Dimensions: Capacity: 310ml Diameter: 90mm Height: 94mm
  • The undisputed flagship of the Durobor brand for 65 years, the Picardie range can be found in restaurants, bars & cafes around the world!
  • Made in France since 1945, Duralex glass is virtually unbreakable and 100% non-porous, remaining free from staining & contaminants across its lifespan
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