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Goddard'S Silver Polish, 18 Oz - Tarnish Remover With Sponge Applicator


SKU: Goddard's 688470

Goddard's Silver Polish

Cleaning tarnished silver can be time consuming and tedious, especially for large, intricate silver pieces. Easily clean, shine and protect your silver with Goddard's Silver Foam. Goddard's Silver Foam easily sponges into even the most intricate filigree to instantly dissolve tarnish and bring out the natural beauty of silver. The foam is easily rinsed away, leaving a tarnish-resistant barrier to protect silver from future tarnishing. This is especially useful for silver articles that cannot be immersed in water. Use Goddard's Silver Foam to give your silver the royal treatment. Kosher Certified.

Goddard's Silver Polish Foam effectively cleans tarnish from silver antiques, decorations, and home fixtures. It beats different types of decay: corrosion, rust, discoloration, deterioration, and time-accumulated stains.

By fighting off tarnish and other forms of deterioration, the silver foam polisher washes off layers of oxidation. This means that the silver's natural gleam and shine is restored, making it look as good as new. It also preserves pieces' natural luster and maintains their classic beauty.

The polish cleanser not only clears off tarnish, it also leaves a protective safeguard on silver items' surfaces. It defends articles in the long run through a tarnish-resistant barrier, which prevents degradation of your fixtures for long periods of time.

A sponge applicator comes with the silver polish container. For optimal effect, dampen the applicator with warm water. Then, work the polish into a rich, creamy lather and apply it on silver. Rinse the piece or fixture under running water and dry it off with a soft towel.

Made in the USA and Kosher certified. With a formula that is tough on dirt and tarnish but gentle on silver, it can safely be used on fine silver antiques, silverware and more.

  • Just apply, rinse and dry
  • Quickly foams away tarnish
  • No hard rubbing or buffing
  • Includes a sponge applicator
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