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Hagerty Dry Shampoo Powder To Clean And Maintain Rugs, Carpets And Delicate Upholstery 500G


SKU: Hagerty A116079

Barcode: 7610928067509


Dry cleans and takes care of precious oriental rugs, carpets made of fine silk or wool as well as delicate upholstery and mattresses. It allows to maintain, to remove grease stains without damaging the fabrics.

The dry shampoo washes in depth the fabrics.

Dry Shampoo cleans dust and dirt, removes the smears and the smells and rekindles the fibers and the colors of cushions, mattresses, rugs or armchairs. It purifies and deodorizes long-term.

The dry shampoo acts quickly, is efficient and protects the fabrics.

The shampoo dusts, catches dirt and protects against fast clogging without altering the original texture and color. The care has efficient effects and does not cause any marks on delicate upholstery, rugs or carpets. The fabrics are cleaned again and protected against acarids..


  1. Vacuum-clean thoroughly to remove any loose dirt.
  2. Sprinkle Hagerty Dry Shampoo uniformly on the surface to be treated.
  3. Brush it in progressively with a clean dry brush or sponge.
  4. Allow to settle for 30 minutes.
  5. Proceed with thorough vacuuming on the whole surface.
  • Dry powder shampoo for cleaning and care of delicate carpets, carpets and upholstery fabrics.
  • Ideal for non-washable oriental rugs, rugs made of fine silk or wool as well as delicate furniture and decorative fabrics and mattresses.
  • Deep cleaning of the fabric, which prevents rapid re-contamination.Removes grease stains without damaging the fabric.
  • Revives fibres and colours of pillows, mattresses, rugs and upholstered armchairs without altering the original texture or colour.
  • Protection against dust mites.Removes dust and dirt, eliminates stains and bad odours.
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