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Hoffy'S, The Jewish Kitchen

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SKU: Hoffys, Book EN

The traditional Jewish restaurantHoffy's, in Antwerp, Belgium, has been a household name in gastronomy for more than 30 years. Orthodox and hip,kosher and cool: the meals presented by the Jewish Hoffman brothers in Hoffy's, their restaurant-cum-takeaway,are one big culinary paradox. Prepared according to the dietary rules of Kashrut, but pimped so creatively that the traditional food has become trendy.Judaism has many traditions and rituals, including in the kitchen. The practice of kosher is well known, but the fact that there are different dishes for each of the many Jewish festivals is less familiar. The Jewish religious calendar determines which meal ends up on the table. For example, there is the typical gefilte fish on the weekly sabbath, latkes or potato pancakes during Hanukkah,stuffed cabbage rolls for the Feast of Tabernacles and filled haman taschen pastries at Purim.For this book, the Hoffman brothers delve into the rich history of Jewish ritual feasts and reveal their family recipes for these dishes, which have been handed down from generation to generation. For each recipe, they also briefly explain the link between the dish and the festival. As a reader you gain a special insight into the culinary habits of an otherwise very closed community.With enlightening texts by Marijke Libert and atmospheric photos by Piet De Kersgieter.

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