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Leifheit Replacement Mop Clean Twist Mop Light


SKU: Leifheit 52067

Barcode: 4006501520678


Product Description Leifheit clean twist disc mop replacement head fits the Leifheit clean twist mop 52019.
The replacement disc is made up of fine micro fibre material which holds dirt inside.
When wrung out in the special spinning mechanism it expels Grit and dirt particles that can scratch a floor when it is being cleaned.
With a standard mop and sieve style wringer, dirt particles are pressed deeper into the mop head and can cause damage to the floor.
The fine micro fibres hold dirt effectively within the mop head, meaning fewer rinses are required – saving time.
Traditional mops hold the dirt on their surface and if not quickly washed off the dirt is simply spread across the floor with each wipe.
The Leifheit clean twist system ensures that the mop cover will be cleaner and dryer than any other system.
Guaranteed for 3 years.
This product is supplied by Leifheit, a major European brand of well-designed quality housewares products.
Box Contains Replacement floor wiper head

  • Replacement head for Active Twist Disc Mop 56793
  • Absorbent microfiber mop head
  • Ideal for cleaning tiles and stone floors
  • Fine fibres reach down into floor crevasses cleaning efficiently and effectively
  • Comes with 2 year guarantee
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