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Lierac Body Slim Concentrate Cryoactif 150 Ml


SKU: LL10158A31524

Barcode: 3508240014889


Lierac Body-Slim Embedded Cellulite Cryoactive Concentrate 150ml is a body care product that fights cellulite with cold. It reduces encrusted cellulite, and smoothes dimples and tones.

Inspired by cryolipolysis, the triple action formula with boosted effectiveness of the cryoactive concentrate targets cellulite for an anti-cellulite effect as early as 7 days.
Its powerful duo of new-generation active ingredients, the caffeine-ginger complex, is 20 times more effective than caffeine alone in destocking fat.
The WTB System stimulates the burning of fat while the pro-irisine has an anti-recurrence action.

Its active pinkish gel texture, with an immediate and prolonged cold effect, is quickly absorbed and has been designed to facilitate massage, a key stage in its effectiveness.
The orange peel appearance is visibly reduced, the skin is smoothed and toned.

Made in France.

Apply in circular massages morning and evening on the concerned areas.
Allow 1 minute for each of the 4 steps:

Deep backgammon pinches:
On clean and dry skin, with the fingers of both hands together, perform deep and rapid pinches on the skin of the areas to be treated.
Eliminating massages:
Apply the product to the areas to be treated. Then go back and forth on all the areas concerned.
Circular drainage:
Draw upward circles on the areas to be treated.
Intense pressures:
Apply about ten pressures on the area to be treated.
For external use. Rinse hands after use. Rinse immediately in case of accidental eye contact.

Indication: Body care. Fight against ingrained cellulite.

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