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Luigi Bormioli Prestige Sonhyx Tumblers - 42 Cl - 4 Pieces

€38,86 €256.762,00

SKU: Lg Borm 1040601



Made with Luigi Bormioli's latest innovation, SON.hyx.
SON.hyx is a high-tech blown lead-free crystal glass that does not contain any heavy metals.
This glass present outstanding chemical, optical and mechanical properties.
It is strong with a higher reistance of the rim, a higher resistance to impacts, and a higher resistance to twisting the stems.
To make it even stronger, the glass was reinforced with titanium.
The permanent anti abrasion treatment on the glass’ stems hardens the glass surface increasing its resistance to abrasions, which are responsible for the fragility of the stems during daily usage.
The crystal glass used in this product is also completely dishwasher safe for complete convenience with no alteration in transparency and brilliance after each use.
They are highly durable and come with a 25 year guarantee Made in Italy, using Italian craftsmanship, these glasses respect, maintain and enhance the organoleptic characteristics, the real aromas and flavours of foods and drinks contained.
You will be able to impress your guests thanks to the elegant design.
Our glasses are perfect for any occasion.
You can use them during a party, when inviting your friends over for a meal or even for a quiet nice in if you want to relax and enjoy your drink alone.
They also make a great gift set for someone special.
And don't forget, our product is made of glass and 100% eco-friendly.
It is virtually infinitely recyclable.
Luigi Bormioli: the designer label of glassmaking, gives expression of the Made in Italy throughout the world.
Art, creativity, aesthetic inventiveness, continuous innovation, quality standards are all key factors and synonymous of the brand Luigi Bormioli.

  • SON.hyx Crystal - made using the latest innovation SON.hyx, a high-tech blown lead free crystal glass. This strong crystal is highly resistant to breakage.
  • Titanium Reinforced - Improved with a permanent anti-abrasion treatment applied directly to the glass’ stems to increase resistance to breakages.
  • Dishwasher Safe - Fully resistant to washing cycles. The high quality means the glass won't alter in transparency and brilliance.
  • Italian Craftsmanship - Made in Italy and highly durable. For your complete peace of mind, they also comes with a 25 year quality assurance guarantee.
  • Elegant Design - Elegant design. They will be perfect to use for a party, a meal with friends, or even just on a quiet night in.
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