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Morphy Richards 461010 Morphy Richards 6.5L Auto-Stir Slow Cooker - Stainless Steel (EU Plug)


SKU: MR461010

Sear Stew and stir is our latest innovation in slow cooking.
As well as the ability to sear and cook the meal in the same pot The automatic stirring function now stirs your dish for you every 30 minutes (after 2 hours of cooking), mixing the ingredients and flavour more evenly, improving taste and helping prevent separation.
With no need to remove the lid to stir, it retains heat more, so cooking faster and generates less mess for you.
Firstly sear some meat within the hob proof cooking pot to seal in the flavour or sauté ingredients to maximise the taste then add vegetables and stock into the same pot.
Place the cooking pot into the slow cooker and simply select either low, medium or high cooking settings (depending on when you want your meal ready for), secure the paddled lid to The slow cooker and press auto.
Your meal will be cooking and stirring away whist you are at work or out and about, slowly combining the juices and flavours of the ingredients creating a richer, fuller taste.
Whether you are cooking a casserole, chilli, curry or a whole multitude of other family favourites on your return home you will be greeted by a delicious home cooked meal.
At Murphy Richards we understand the hectic lifestyle of today and that you don't always have the time to prepare and cook nutritious meals from scratch.
Slow cooking is one of the most cost effective methods of cooking a healthy, nutritious family meal from scratch for the whole family and it is really quick too.
Sear and Stew is different to traditional ceramic slow cookers, due to its aluminium non-stick hob proof pot, which means you can sear and slow cook from start to finish in one cooking pot making the slow cooking process even more efficient.
Aluminium pots are extremely light and durable making them easy to take to the table and serve directly from, and they won't crack or shatter if you accidently drop it on the floor It like standard ceramic pots.
When you have finished your meal washing up is easy too as the pot and lid with the paddle Control removed) can also go straight into the dishwasher. Box Contains Slow cooker, lid, IB

  • In addition to frying and cooking in the same pot, the automatic stirring function does all the work for you.
  • After 2 hours from the start of cooking, the paddle will stir the food every 30 minutes, improving its taste without damaging the ingredients.
  • Since you don't have to remove the lid to stir, the pan keeps the heat better, so it cooks faster and you have less mess. Power: 290 W.
  • Capacity: 6.5 l. Dimensions: 29 x 37 x 25.5 cm.
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