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Tomado - Digital Precision Kitchen Scale - Weighing capacity up to 10kg


SKU: Tomado TKS0101S
The Tomado TKS0101S kitchen scale comes in handy when you make delicious cakes or other baked goods. This kitchen scale has a maximum weighing capacity of 10 kg. The scale is graduated per 1 gram and this kitchen scale is also equipped with a weighing function. You can easily change the unit of measure using the touch buttons. The weight is displayed digitally. The kitchen scale switches off automatically after about 2 minutes to save batteries. 2 pieces AAA batteries are included.

Product benefits of the Tomado TKS0101S:

✔ Weighs in g, lb, ml, oz
✔ Tare function
✔ Weighs from 1 to 10,000 grams
✔ Blue backlit display
✔ Includes batteries
✔ Automatically switches off after 2 minutes
✔ 2-year warranty with Tomado

Brushed stainless steel design

The modern and stylish design of this kitchen scale is an asset to any kitchen. With this handy kitchen scale, you can weigh everything between 1 and 10,000 grams very precisely. Thanks to the blue-lit display, the weight is easy to read. The scale is easy to keep clean due to the smooth material.

Tare function

This kitchen scale has a tare function. The tare function is a feature on the kitchen scale that allows you to set the zero point, including the bowl or scale you choose. This means that you no longer have to take the weight of the bowl or bowl you use into account. When you place the bowl on the scale you can reset the scale to zero. This way you can measure what you have in the bowl accurately, down to the gram.

Different units of measure

This kitchen scale can weigh both grams and ml. This also allows you to weigh liquids, such as water or milk. In addition, preparing foreign dishes is no problem, because it also measures lb and oz. You can easily switch between units of measure using the Unit button. You choose whether you do this in kilos, pounds or stones. The maximum allowable weight that this personal scale can measure is 10 kilos. You can clearly read your weight on the digital screen.

Switches off automatically

If you forget to switch off the kitchen scale, this is not a problem. To save the batteries, the kitchen scale will automatically switch off after approximately 2 minutes. You can manually switch off the kitchen scale by holding the on/tare button for approximately 2 seconds.
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