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Vacu Vin Active Wine Cooler Rapid Ice - Black


SKU: VacuVin 38804606

Manufacturer's Description The Rapid Ice Wine Cooler was one of Vacu Vin's earliest innovations and has contributed significantly to the worldwide establishment of the brand since its initial inception in 1986.
It was originally manufactured in silver and has subsequently been produced in numerous different colours and patterns. The Rapid Ice was developed in order to enable users to chill their wine promptly and keep it cold for an extended period of time - all without the need for an accompanying refrigerator or ice bucket.
The cooling sleeve contains 6 pockets of specifically formulated non-toxic gel that expand when placed in a freezer for a period of 6 hours or more.
Upon removal, the Rapid Ice is simply inserted onto the outside of the wine bottle and then chills the contents within 5 minutes.
Once cooled, the wine will remain chilled for hours.
Multiple polyester foil layers and foam pouches within the sleeve ensure that the temperature is retained.
The award-winning wine cooler is both flexible and virtually unbreakable.
Once used, simply return the item to the freezer for subsequent re-application.
The Vacu Vin Rapid Ice Wine Cooler is also available in silver, chrome, platinum, classic, pink and purple, as well as other designs/patterns.
In addition, it can be purchased in the following formats: 1) a black or stainless steel elegant wine cooler which accommodates the rapid ice within an attractive 'bucket-like' rigid shell; 2) a classic or platinum set that also includes a champagne cooler; 3) a cooling carafe that is housed within a sleek black or white capsule and 4) a wine essentials gift set that also includes other high-quality barware appliances (available in either black or white/purple). Box Contains 1 x Rapid Ice Wine Cooler - Black

  • Chills wine within 5 minutes and keeps it cold for hours - without the need for a refrigerator or ice bucket
  • Sleeve is ready for application to the outside of a wine bottle after 6 hours or more in a freezer
  • Cooler will lie flat when in the freezer (requires minimal space)
  • Flexible and virtually unbreakable - will tolerate regular and prolonged usage
  • Lightweight and easy to transport for use at parties, picnics, barbecues, on holiday etc
  • Award-winning product - used by millions worldwide
  • Polished black appearance (also available in numerous other colours and patterns)
  • Active chiller without ice
  • Chills in 5 minutes
  • Keep cooling elements in freezer
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