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Vin Bouquet Alcohol Breathe Tester Kyring Just Blow In And Get The Results


SKU: Vin Bq 63.VBFIA210

Barcode: 8414606900077


Safety at the wheel comes first, that's why in Vin Bouquet we offer you a Breathalyzer so you can get safely to your destination. Thanks to this practical device, you can measure the amount of alcohol in the air exhaled by a person.

It is directed to all those who wish to make a prudent consumption of alcohol, as well as to drivers who want to prevent accidents or penalties derived from an alcohol intake higher than what is established by the current laws.

The alcohol meter is used to control the level of alcohol ingested. By means of the three different lights, the level of alcohol in blood will be indicated to see if the driving is safe or not.

How to use: Press the power button and keep it pressed until the green light comes on. Then, with the pulsed, exhale near the top of the device from 0 to 15 seconds.

After 3 or 5 seconds you will get the result of the text, which has 3 levels.

The green light indicates safety, alcohol concentration of less than 0.02%.

Yellow indicates attention, alcohol concentration between 0.02 - 0.05%.

Finally, the yellow and red lights together, indicate danger, concentration of more than 0.05%.

  • Quick response of the text performed. With precision results.
  • It contains an instruction manual in English 
  • Necessary to use two "AAA" batteries included in the device.
  • Dimension of 73x39x30mm. & keychain, is portable and stored anywhere.
  • It has a led that functions as a flashlight.
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