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Wmf Cutlery Set 30-Piece For 6 People Boston Cromargan 18/10 Stainless Steel Polished


SKU: Wmf 1120916040

Product Description Boston is a cutlery for everyday use that is simple and uncomplicated.
The shape and proportions are contemporary.
The cutlery has been carefully machined.
The edges are rounded and the surface is polished.
The timeless design can be combined in a variety of ways, and is suitable for all occasions.
30-Piece cutlery sets are designed for 6 people and include: 6x table spoons, 6x table forks, 6x table knives, 6x teaspoons, 6x cake forks.
WMF has a wide selection of individual items of cutlery so the two-piece cutlery set can be expanded in any way you line and you only buy What you actually need. Box Contains 6 x table spoon;6 x table fork;6 x table knife;6 x teaspoon;6 x cake fork

  • Inhalt: 30-teilig für 6 Personen: je 6 Gabeln, Tafelmesser, Löffel, Kuchengabeln und Tee-/ Kaffeelöffel. | Artikelnummer: 1120916040
  • Material: Cromargan Edelstahl 18/10 poliert. Rostfrei, spülmaschinenfest, formstabil, hygienisch, säurefest und unverwüstlich.
  • Die soliden Monobloc Tafelmesser aus rostfreiem Klingenstahl werden aus einem Stück geschmiedet und im Ganzen gehärtet.
  • Design: WMF Atelier (Peter Bäurle).
  • Kollektion Boston
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