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Wmf Vino Cork Screw, Stainless Steel, Silver


SKU: WMF 658257920

This corkscrew is a must-have for all wine lovers.

Open in style with the WMF Vino corkscrew. A modern interpretation of the traditional corkscrew, simply place the corkscrew over the cork and turn the handle. Once the screw is securely inside of the cork simply pull. With its patented flexible external pads, this WMF Vino Variable Corkscrew adapts automatically to all bottle necks. The screw is hardened and double Teflon-coated. Due to the low deviation of the screw and the precise tip, the cork is always centrally inserted therefore the cork is removed complete and not damaged.

Made from the highest of quality materials the Vino corkscrew is smooth to the touch and can adapt to any size cork or bottle and is even suitable for use on plastic corks, an innovative design from WMF. The chrome plated corkscrew is complimented with black rubber strips enabling you to grip with ease, whilst providing an interesting contrast. A hardwearing product that can be complimented with a variety of pieces available within the Vino range. As with all WMF products, the Vino corkscrew comes with a guarantee against manufacturing and material defect. Completed with a high quality acrylic gift box, WMF provide a product ideal for a gift.

There are many different types of wines, and just as many different wine bottles and bottlenecks. The patented WMF wine /prosecco corkscrew is designed to open every bottle without difficulty. It comes with a flexible plastic housing that fits on every bottle. In addition, the silvery polished Cromargan surface is a stylish eye-catcher.

The WMF Vino collection offers professional accessories for wine lovers: Coasters, drop rings and wine pumps are just a few of the practical and beautiful items that will make the enjoyment of wine just that little bit more exquisite. The polished, silvery surfaces made of high-quality Cromargan® are complemented by functional, jet-black handles, stoppers or bottle tops giving them an elegant and modern appearance. Wine connoisseurs will love the Vino collection because it enhances the pleasure involved in serving fine wines.


  • Adapts automatically to all bottle necks due to the patented flexible pads
  • The non-stick screw will always be centrally inserted therefore the cork is removed completly without damage
  • Highly polished chrome finish with rubber strips to enable firm gripping, fitting comfortably into the hand
  • Hardwearing product which is neutral to flavor and rust and acid proof
  • Makes a wonderful gift with the acrylic case
  • Material: Chromed cast metal, coated screw - Dimensions: Length: 16cm\
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