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Demeyere Wok 32?Cm Wok Pan/Sofrito Cooking Pot Pan Wok/Sofrito, Silver, 5.5?L, 320?Mm


SKU: Demeyere 52932

Good cooking is mainly a matter of mastering a number of basic techniques and using appropriate cookware. Demeyere is the only brand in the world that adapts the technological concept of each product to the specific requirements of the typical cooking processes and recipes for this product. :Demeyere started as a family business in 1908 and has been a producer of high-quality stainless steel cookware since 1967. Generation after generation, we care about the top quality of our products, both in terms of performance and lifespan and in terms of comfort, safety and health. Demeyere woks have been specially developed to meet what is expected of an ideal wok. Thanks to the special 7-layer material up to the edge, heat distribution is optimal and a non-stick layer is not necessary. Demeyere offers woks with a small flat bottom, making them suitable for all types of stoves. Including induction and also suitable for the oven. With the Demeyere wok you can also get started on the barbecue or outdoor kitchen. A delicious stir-fry dish always tastes good, but you can also use the wok pan for a side dish with vegetables and a sauce. This makes the barbecue feast just that little bit more complete

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