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Global Knives Series G-80 18 cm Fluted Santoku Knife


SKU: Global G-80

Are you interested in investing in a premium quality knife that will last for a lifetime? Look no further.
This 18cm Global Fluted Santoku Knife serves many purposes in the kitchen and is forged from high-quality CROMOVA 18 Stainless Steel.
The G Series is a classic collection of longer bladed knives with sand-weighted hollow handles, useful for general food preparation in the kitchen.
In this case, the fluted blade helps to stop food sticking to the blade, which is perfect for dicing, slicing and mincing.
On top of this, the Santoku knife also features the famous Global black dimpled handles, which provide a safe grip even with wet hands.
Using the finest materials, the revolutionary design of Global Knives has won numerous awards and have become firm favourites of both chefs and home enthusiasts the world over.
You’ve invested in a quality knife, and with the correct care it will last a lifetime.
Wash your knife immediately after use in warm water – do not put them in a dishwasher.
Furthermore, after washing dry with a soft cloth.
It is recommended to sharpen your knives regularly using a Mino sharp or Global Sharpener.
A truly premium set of knives made for every occasion, Global Knives should be your first choice because of their impeccable construction and elegant design.

  • PREMIUM QUALITY – Razor sharp blade forged from ultra-hard molybdenum-vanadium CROMOVA 18 Stainless-Steel, resistant to stains and corrosion
  • CROMOVA - High carbon Japanese Steel, resistant to rust, designed exclusively for Global Knives
  • SANTOKU KNIFE - Santoku is a Japanese word literally meaning 'three ways' and is used to describe the three cutting tasks that the knife is designed to do; slicing, dicing and mincing
  • ACUTE 15 degree cutting edge and sand weighted hollow handles for perfect balance
  • Only accept knives with a unique label attached to the packaging. This number confirms authenticity and the 2-year manufacturers guarantee. Be sure to buy from approved marketplace sellers to validate this guarantee
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