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Keshes Dacron Bow String Replacement For Traditional And Recurve Bow - Black 12 Strands Size 127 Cm


SKU: Keshes Bowstring 12 Strands 54 Amo

THE NEW VERSION OF DACRON RECURVE BOWSTRING REPLACEMENTLETS GO THROUGH IN DETAILS THE IMPROVEMENT OF THE B-55 DACRON OVER THE B-50 DACRON COMPARE DACRON B-55 TO DACRON B-50each time you draw your bow you will stretch your string by pulling it back in order to give power on your arrow, (like a rubber band)Now each time you stretch your bowstring it goes back right away to its original lengthafter stretching a while there will always stay some permanent stretches on your string this is called 'creep'Now B50 and B55 dacron string both do stretch more than fast flight types of strings which is why it gives the most power on the arrow while shooting with a softer feel during the shot.
B55 and B50 have the same amount of 'stretch'The difference between B55 and B50 starts when it comes to 'CREEP'the B55 new dacron string has less 'CREEP' over the B50 dacron string which has more permanent stretch which is more CREEP.This is why the B-55 string will last you linger then your B-50 string, because it will stay longer the same length.
after it settles into your bow.NOW JUST CHOOSE THE SIZE THAT WILL FIT YOUR BOW AND YOUR SHOOTING AND JUST ADD TO CARTstart buy choosing the length.The AMO" (Archery Manufacturer's Organization) should be the same length of your bow, and it is 4" longer then the actual string length size.then when choosing the strands see the recommendation the more draw back pound you shoot the more strands you will needEnd Type: Well Served Endless Loop TypeColor: Black

  • B-55 DACRON STRING - is the newest version of Dacron bow strings. The b-55 Dacron string will give you the exact stretch as the b-50, so you will get the same amount of power while shooting. However, in addition to getting the same amount of power, you will also get a less permanent stretch with the b-55 Dacron string, allowing your string to last longer.
  • LENGTH SIZE AND STRANDS AMOUNT - when selecting your desired string length, keep in mind that the AMO" is the length of your BOW. The actual length is 4" shorter than the given Amo". When selecting the amount of strands, keep In mind, the less the strands the smoother the shooting will be, however the more powerful you shoot the more strands your string will need. RECOMMENDATION: Up to 40 lbs, use 12 strands Up to 50 lbs use 14 strands Up to 66 lbs use 16 strands
  • ENDLESS LOOP TYPE - The ends are already made into loops style, so you can simply insert it in your bow right away.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - If you are not 100% satisfied with KESHES bow string we will refund you 100% of your order, although we are confident that you will love it. Reach out to us if there's ever anything you need; here at KESHES we are dedicated to your satisfaction.
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