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Lithofin MN Grundreiniger - Vuiloplosser - Power Clean 1000 ml


SKU: Lithofin 16001

A special product from the Lithofin range for marble, natural and concrete stone (MN).
The solvent free, Mildalkalische cleaning konzen trat is odourless and cost effective.
It contains a balanced combination lösend and cleansing a components for the best possible effect.
Properties Lithofin MN Basic Cleaner dissolves and removes oil and grease dirt, residues of floor care products, even gloss film,, easy to wax film and stubborn General Dirt.
Technical Data: Density: approx.
1.0 g/cm3 appearance: Liquid, yellowish scent: Unspezifisch pH value: approx.
10 Burn point: n.a.
Solubility in Water: Completely area of application for cleaning all types of surfaces made from polished, Feinge Schliffenem or Bruchrauem marble and natural stones can be used for occasional base clean demanding, verschmutzter surfaces.
For end cleaning newly-laid pads.
Supports the removal of Zementschleiern of polished marble.
Can be used for both indoor and outdoor use.
Use Lithofin MN Basic Cleaner according to the existing Dirt up to approximately 1: 10 dilute with water and floor so that mopping.
, More Dirt Pure or diluted up to 1: 5 with water and spread with a scrubber or similar.
After an exposure time of approx.
10 – 20 minutes, Durchbürsten and recording.
Larger Surfaces are coated with rubber wiper from glass film.
Then Nachwaschen well with clear water.
Lithofin MN Basic Cleaner does not allow to dry, you little water add and Durchbürsten again.
For more contamination repeat evtl with higher concentration.
Please note: Avoid contact with delicate surfaces such as fresh paint, wood, wallpaper, etc.
We recommend first on an inconspicuous area to test.
Page yield: Up to 10 m2/litre for concentrated application, over 30 m2/litre at verdünnter use.
Please note: For removing wax layers, etc.
we recommend Lithofin Lösefix.

  • You are purchasing one set consists of 3, 6 or 9 bottles Lithofin MN Basic cleaner 1 Litre
  • Free from solvents and low odour
  • Basic cleaner of floors in strong general Meinver Chmutzung also available from polished marble and limestone.
  • Concentrate
  • Acid-free, Mildalkalisch
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