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Biotex Handwash & Soy 750g Phosphate Wash


SKU: biotex 9079393

Barcode: 8712561478700

Biotex Washing Powder Hand Wash & Soak Biotex Hand Wash & Soak has been specially developed for a natural and safe treatment of your clothes

• With active biological enzymes to remove the most stubborn stains
• Safe for your clothes and colors
• Contains no bleach and optical white, so suitable for white and colored laundry

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Usage information Biotex is the trusted enzyme-based stain remover, without bleach.
Since the 1960s, Biotex has been a household name when it comes to removing the most stubborn stains from laundry. At home and on vacation.

Biotex Hand Wash & Soak is specially designed for quick hand washing and delicate clothing that you would rather not put in the machine. The biological enzyme complex tackles the dirt without affecting the colors and fabrics.

Always follow the care label instructions. Bring the water to the right temperature. Dissolve Biotex Hand Wash & Soak well in the water.

For hand washing:
Submerge the laundry completely, and wash and rinse thoroughly.
If Soaking:
Submerge the laundry completely, let it soak, and place it - without rinsing - in the washing machine for the main wash. Soaking time depends on water temperature (see table).

Please note: because of the active enzymes, this detergent is not suitable for wool and silk.
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