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Durgol Swiss Steamer Descaler/Decalcifier for Ovens


SKU: Durgol 4153

Designed to break up harmful calcium deposits and limescale buildup in steamer ovens, durgol Swiss Steamer is a professional grade descaler solution that will help you maintain and enhance the performance of your home kitchen's steamer oven.
This descaler solution is made from phosphoric and hydrochloric acid to remove tough buildup and deposits.
Unlike other citric-acid based solutions, this powerful cleaner will clean up even tough limescale buildup that could compromise the performance of your machine.
Regular descaling of steam ovens will help machines perform at their highest level, so you can continue to host family, friends, and dinner party guests at your house! These descalers leave no residue, odor, or aftertaste and conveniently come ready for use with no preparation necessary.
This powerful formula is designed specifically for steamer ovens and will work with nearly any brand.
durgol Swiss Steamer descaling liquid is easy to use: simply fill the steam oven's water tank and start the decalcification program.
If your steam oven doesn't have a decalcification program, simply distribute the descaler liquid throughout the water tank with a sponge.
Let it stand, and then rinse and dry the water tank well.durgol descaling solutions are developed and manufactured in Switzerland, so you can be confident they meet strict safety and quality standards.
Add these professional grade descaling products to your home kitchen supplies so you can be prepared for limescale buildup, calcium deposits, and more.

  • DESCALING SOLUTION: This professional grade cleaner will remove limescale and calcium buildup.
  • LIMESCALE REMOVER: Use on almost any steam oven as a solution for your toughest kitchen maintenance.
  • EASY TO USE: Simply add it into your machine's water tank and run the decalcification program.
  • CLEAN YOUR OVEN ONCE: You'll receive a 16.9 fluid-ounce bottle of our powerful commercial sanitizer.
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