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Hagerty Silver Guard Bag Large Tray 45x65cm


SKU: Hagerty A119011

Hagerty Silver Guard Holloware Bag 45 x 65 cm - You only want the best for your valuable silver tableware: That's why you should trust the expertise of Hagerty! Silver is a precious metal that needs to be cared for more often than others.
Otherwise, the contact with hydrogen sulphide accelerates oxidation and causes cutlery to tarnish and discolour.
If you want to slow down this process and protect your silverware, you need to store it in a dry, closed place.
For such safe storage, we have the ideal velvet silver pouch for your silver accessories.
The high-quality anti-tarnish bag allows you to store your silverware so that it is protected from oxidation caused by hydrogen sulphide which is present in the air, as well as from light and micro scratches.
The protection is only possible because our anti-tarnish silver bags are made of a very high-quality fabric, which is impregnated against oxidation.
Silver and objects with silver plating therefore oxidise less quickly and remain longer clean and shiny.
Whether there are forks, knives, spoons, or other tableware items, if your cutlery is silver-plated you can store it safely in the cutlery roll.
Thanks to the high protection against oxidation, special cleaning is not necessary each time before use, as the original shine is preserved after polishing with a silver cleaning cloth with tarnish protection or with the Silver Bath.
Why is Hagerty your best choice? The Hagerty company was founded in 1895 in South Bend, USA.
Today, with more than 120 years of experience, Hagerty is based in Switzerland and is present in more than 70 countries.
Hagerty develops and markets special care products for jewellery, watches, accessories, decorative articles, tableware, carpets, textiles, and multi-surfaces of different materials.
Taking care of your precious goods is Hagerty's mission! Ingredients Hagerty Silver Guard (Holloway Bag - Large Trays)

  • PREMIUM PROTECTION CASE for storing silver & silver-plated metal objects I High-quality protective bag with tarnish protection for silver plates, silver trays & other silver objects
  • WITH SILVER PROTECTION The cover is made of a high-quality fabric, impregnated against oxidation which gives silverware a high degree of protection against oxidation and preserves its original shine
  • IMMEDIATELY READY FOR USE Clean your silver items e.g. with Hagerty Silver Care & store it in the silver protection bag - this way your silverware will stay shiny for longer and is ready for use immediately
  • LONG-LASTING PROTECTION from oxidation caused by hydrogen sulphide which is present in the air I For an efficient protection of silver cutlery, use the Hagerty Silver Guard Cutlery Roll
  • EXPERTISE SINCE 1895 With 125 years of experience Hagerty takes care of your jewellery, watches, accessories, decorative articles, cutlery, carpets textiles & multi-surfaces with special care products
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