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Lacor Magic Food Smoker, Smoking Gun


SKU: Lacor 69221

The Lacor Food & Cocktail Smoker is a compact freestanding smoking gun or cold smoker for smoking individual ingredients, complete dishes, drinks and cocktails. The cold smoking principle also allows perfectly cold dishes or chilled drinks to be smoked without heating them, such as dairy products, oysters, cheese or cocktails. The fan runs on batteries and the device is easy to use and maintain. The smoker is very light and compact, yet sufficiently stable due to the spacious base. Convenient to take with you.
To smoke, place a pinch of smoke moth on top of the grill, activate the fan by pressing a button and briefly hold a flame near the smoke moth until it smoulders. Within seconds, cool smoke will come out of the end of the hose. By directing the smoke under a bell jar or into a closed container or bag, you can impart a smoke aroma to all kinds of preparations. To smoke drinks, preferably direct the smoke into a bottle or carafe, which you then fill with the liquid to be smoked. Shaking a few times is sufficient to give drinks a subtle smoke aroma.
In addition to classic smoke moths, you can also use various herbs or teas to give an appropriate aroma to your cocktails or dishes. A pinch of smoke moth is sufficient to produce ample amounts of smoke.

  • Batteries not included 
  • All parts can be dismantled for cleaning and removing soot deposits 
  • Smoke moth 100g included 
  • Olive wood and orange wood smoke moth are available separately per 100g 
  • Matching smoke dome in borosilicate glass with a self-closing valve in silicone is available separately in 2 sizes, ø13xH11cm and ø15xH23cm
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