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Microplane Profesional Series Fine Spice Grater 18/8 Stainless Steel With Silver Handle


SKU: Microplane 38004

Barcode: 0098399380049


Product Description The Professional Series adds exquisite elegance and unparalleled performance to any kitchen.
It's all-stainless steel construction, comfortably curved handles and non-slip rubber feet will make any kitchen aficionado go bonkers.
Characterized by the ultra-sharp, superior photo-etched blade - Made in USA – that deliver the fastest and most effective method of grating! Use a Coarse Grater for carrots, garlic, ginger, onions, chocolate, coconut and hard cheeses.
The results will be small gratings.
The food will be finely cut and not be crushed.
Aroma and taste are guaranteed.
Available in stainless steel colour. Globally recognized, Microplane is the original manufacturer to apply photo-etching technology to graters, an innovative process specifically designed to create ultra-sharp cutting edges. The blade ensures that food does not stick or block, but instead gently slides along the cutting surface to produce perfect results every time. PLEASE DELETE MANUFACTURER'S DESCRIPTION!!!!And leave only the text shown in this box. Manufacturer's Description A truly multi purpose grater that really works The stainless steel blades give effortless and even grating Unique blade profile will grate, purée or zest a variety of food No clogging Maximum yield No waste No pressure needed on the blade It is over twelve years since Canadian cook Penny Gray discovered the perfect tool for zesting citrus fruit - among her husband's wood working toolsMicroplane made it's epic journey from the workshop to the kitchenThe small, chemically etched blades are as effective with garlic, chocolate, cheese, nutmeg and apple as with the zest of lemon that fell from the plane Penny used back in 1994 Box Contains Fine microplane grater

  • Photo-etched, long-lasting, ultra-sharp stainless steel blade - Made in USA. Protective cover included.
  • Ergonomic stainless-steel handle for maximum comfort.
  • Easy to clean - also dishwasher safe.
  • Foods are precisely cut, without ripping or tearing.
  • Effortless grating for superior results. The natural aroma is released to enhance flavour.
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