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Oxo Good Grips Chopper


SKU: Oxo 11339900

With the OXO Vegetable Chopper, you can easily chop onions, garlic, nuts, etc. The blades of this vegetable chopper not only chop, they also rotate. This way you get a nice, even result, and no residue sticks to the edge. You chop the ingredients directly in the measuring cup, or you remove the lid and chop directly on the cutting board.


You place the onion, or whatever you want to chop, under the vegetable chopper. You grip the OXO Vegetable Chopper with one hand. And with the other, you turn the generous knob a quarter turn so that it unlocks. Now you press the soft button. Every time you push, the blade goes down and rotates a little. After a few times the ingredients are finely chopped and you are done.

The built-in scraper prevents food build-up. And the collection reservoir ensures that the countertop remains tidy. You can then easily take the vegetable chopper apart and put it in the dishwasher.

In the collection container or on the shelf

There is a lid under the vegetable chopper. If you leave this on, the food to be chopped will flow neatly into the collection reservoir. When you take it off, you chop directly on the cutting board.

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