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Riedel Cognac Hennessy Glass, Crystal, 2 Count (Pack Of 1)


SKU: Riedel 6416/71

Manufacturer's Description Robert Parker, of The Wine Advocate; the worlds most respected wine guru said about Riedel; âThe finest glasses for both technical and hedonistic purposes are those made by Riedel.
The effect of these glasses on fine wine is profound.
I cannot emphasize enough what a difference they make.â About Riedel Glasses Based in Austria, the Riedel family has been producing fine glassware for over 250 years, and is the worlds foremost manufacturer of high quality, wine specific stemware. Each glass is meticulously designed, in conjunction with wine makers and experts, to enhance the smell and taste of specific wines and spirits, thus increasing the enjoyment of drinking your favourite wine. Riedels glass-makers invest their talent, know-how and meticulous craftsmanship in making glasses of impeccable quality, balance and brilliance, either in over 24% lead crystal, or lead free crystal. Revered and admired by wine experts and producers the world over, Riedel is the inventor of the modern wine glass, and is the benchmark by which others set their standards. Different opinions on the ideal cognac glass are as old as the drink itself.
Even today, cognac is mainly served in wide tulip-shaped glasses - in spite of the disadvantages which this traditional shape has for the enjoyment of cognac.
The differences in color, aroma and taste are the features by which the quality of a cognac is judged.
The finely tuned shape of this glass harmonizes the aroma and the taste, tempering the alcohol and the stringency of the palate and emphasizing the bouquet.
The flute-shaped glass allows its contents a very small evaporation surface.
You will be surprised to detect no pungent fumes but delicately balanced aromas reminiscent of a summer meadow.

  • Made by Riedel, the worlds foremost producer of wine specific glassware
  • Executed in finest 24% lead crystal
  • Designed to enhance the enjoyment of specific wines and grape varietals
  • Elegant and well balanced
  • Suitable for dishwasher
  • Riedel since 1756
  • Specifically designed for the enjoyment of good Cognac
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