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Splendole Broom premium Room sweeper - broom with handle inside - 45 cm wide - telescopic handle - ultra light - Soft Horsehair blend



Make cleaning easy with our smart swiveling broom. It is super light, easy to handle and built with a high-quality aluminum handle. Wide enough to sweep quickly, thin enough to clean in corners and under furniture. The Splendole broom will quickly become your 'best broom ever'.

  • 180° Swivel Design:
    Navigate effortlessly with a full 180° swivel function, allowing you to maneuver around furniture and tight spaces with ease.
  • Generous cleaning width:
    Enjoy efficient cleaning with a wide 45cm brush, covering more ground in one pass for time-saving effectiveness.
  • Slim yet sturdy build:
    Features a slim 1.7cm thickness, offering a sleek profile without sacrificing durability and strength.
  • Premium Hair Blend:
    Experience superior cleaning performance with a premium blend of synthetic and natural bristles, carefully crafted for optimal results on all hard floors.
  • Adjustable Telescopic Handle:
    Customize your cleaning experience with a telescopic handle from 100cm to 165cm, ensuring comfort and adaptability for users of all heights.

The Japanese-style Splendole broom has the perfect blend of synthetic and natural bristles for flawless results on all indoor hard floors. Ideal for sweeping dust and food crumbs in any room of the house.
It's also the lightest broom on the market, making sweeping effortless and fun for everyone. The telescopic handle and rotating brush design provide a comfortable and personalized sweeping experience for users of all ages.
The broom is 45 cm wide and covers more ground with greater efficiency than traditional brooms of only 30 cm. The broom brush is only 1.7cm thick, so you can reach even the tightest corners for the best sweep ever.
From the ergonomic design of the handle to the carefully chosen bristles: every part has been selected for quality. The Splendole Japanese Swivel Broom is a testament to its commitment to providing users with a high-quality and sustainable cleaning experience. Effortlessly navigate a variety of debris, from fine dust to larger crumbs, for years to come with the premium Splendole Japanese Broom!

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