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Weck 6 Mold Preserving Jars with Glass Lid 29cl - 8cm


SKU: Weck 850014

Available in different shapes and sizes, Weck glass jars with the iconic strawberry logo are still the reliable favorite of home cooks for preserving and storing foods and seasonal produce in a healthy way without additives. These jars are perfect for preserving food using boiling-water canning, but with their airtight seal they can just as well be used for storing pickled vegetables, or preserving food in oil, vinegar, brine or sea salt. Easily stackable they can be an ideal choice for storing dry food staples in the pantry. They feature a tapered shape that is easy to fill and are handsome enough to bring right to the table for serving.

  • Suitable for boiling-water canning, or any other preserving method
  • Airtight seal makes them useful for storing dry food
  • Stackable for convenient storage
  • Wide-mouth tapered shape easy to fill
  • Embossed with the Weck strawberry logo
  • Each clear glass jar comes with a glass lid
  • Rubber rings and rustproof stainless-steel clamps for creating an airtight seal are not included, but can be bought separately
  • Glass is a natural and taste neutral material, 100% recyclable and suitable for healthy food storage
  • A Weck home-canning manual with tips and tricks on how to make your own preserves can be bought separately
  • Packed in a carton box
  • Made in Germany

Weck was founded in 1900 by German merchant Johann Weck pioneer of the science of water-bath canning in glass jars. Being at that time one of the most reliable methods to preserve and store food, Weck canning technology rapidly became popular and gained widespread use among home cooks worldwide. Continuous efforts in the field of home canning research, has further established the companies' position as market leader and worldwide canning expert. Today more than ever, Weck products perfectly respond to the market demand for homemade healthy and seasonal foods limiting waste and environmental pressure. The vast range of Weck products are all embossed with the iconic strawberry logo, symbol of quality and brand recognition.

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