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Zip Lock Fresh-keeping bags Resealable 1 liter box of 20 pcs of Foil and Bags


SKU: EH DD4000020

Food storage pouches, 1 L, 20 piecesare equipped with a solid zipper lock, making it suitable for both bulk and liquid storage.
The pouch works great when packing your second breakfast to work.
You can confidently pack sandwiches or a small snack for a snack during the break.
With a tight closure without fear, you can put food in a bag or backpack and not worry that the contents will soil its interior. With the help of practical pouches from Dutch brand EH Excellent Houseware, you will easily keep your glaciers and freezers clean.
The pouches will become great for storing residues from lunch or freezing fresh fruits, vegetables or mushrooms.
The pouch will allow you to keep food in the refrigerator in a hygienic and safe way.
Additionally, food put in the pouch will stay fresh longer and will not pass an unwanted smell from other products stored in the fridge. EH Excellent Houseware bags are designed for reusable use.
They are made of high-quality plastic, making them extremely digestive.
The pouches have a delicate blue design with a motif of food and vegetables.
In addition, they have space for the inscription, e.g.
the date of freezing Product features: food storage pouches 20 pieces included, each with a capacity of 1 litre, equipped with a tight lock, excellent for packing lunch to work, excellent for freezing fruits and vegetables, ideal for storing leftover dinner in the fridge, very solid and durable, the possibility of multiple use of one pouch, product of the esteemed brand EH Excellent Houseware.

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