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Zwitsal Cream Soap - 2 x 90g - Baby


SKU: Zwitsal A11942

Zwitsal Baby Cream Soap has a greasing effect, which means that hands dry out less during washing.

• Mild cleaning.
• Protects against drying out.
• For soft hands.
• pH skin neutral and hypoallergenic.
• Dermatologically tested.

Babies are often busy exploring the world around them. They touch everything and grab everything they can find. Of course you want them to be able to do this as safely as possible. It is therefore important that you ensure that their vulnerable skin receives sufficient protection from an early stage. Zwitsal Cream Soap hand soap with rich nutrients maintains the moisture balance, so that it helps prevent your baby's skin from drying out. It is this caring and protective effect that makes Zwitsal products so suitable for your little one. In addition, Zwitsal hand soap provides wonderfully soft and supple skin. The hand soap, like all other Zwitsal products, also has a wonderful scent. In addition, Zwitsal hand soap is very nice and easy to use. Zwitsal Cream Soap is guaranteed to provide a fun moment for you and your baby every time. Naturally, Zwitsal Crème Soap hand soap is extensively dermatologically tested and is pH skin neutral and hypoallergenic. So you can be sure that you are getting the best for your child if you choose one of Zwitsal's products. If your child could choose, he or she would choose Zwitsal!

Usage information Apply a little soap to your hands, rub well and then rinse off the foam.
Apply a little soap to your hands, rub well, and then rinse off the foam.

Frequently asked questions about

1. What should I do if my child swallows hand soap?
We recommend that you contact a doctor if this happens, just to be sure.

2. Where can I find the ingredients of Zwitsal products?
You will find a list of Zwitsal products on the Unilever website (www.unilever.nl). By clicking on one of them you can see the components of the product in question.

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